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Arias Serna Saravia

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Current operations

Even though the firm has focused on building luxury residential complexes nationally and internationally, it has also successfully ventured into the hotel sector, the Hotel Santa Clara being a shining example. Furthermore, the company has also set out to build public works. Such is the case with the Germania building at Universidad de los Andes, the humanities building at Universidad Javeriana, the aquatic complex “Simon Bolivar, Transmileno” and the La Sabana station, among others.

By 2017 construction of seven hotels for the IBIS brand—property of the French group ACCOR— will conclude. Three of those are already in operation in Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena. The remaining four are being built in other important Colombian cities.

They will also finalize blueprints for the Manoa Port project in Cartagena which will have a view to the bay, and based on its location it will serve a global market; which will complement the area and city tourist attractions.

Nevertheless, recalling Arias, Serna and Saravia’s commitment toward sustainability, this project will be the first residential complex in the country with a GOLD LEED certification.

Among its own investments is the purchase of ten hectares in Bogota in an exclusive area where there are no more parcels available, with the aim of building a residential complex which will also become a city icon. Presently, it’s in the stage of fulfilling legal requirements prior to the breaking of ground.

Additionally, they will continue their rural projects after the success of La Pradera de Potosi Residential Club. 

Managing a project from start to finish

The builder established itself quickly in the market thanks to its work in the building of real estate projects because they offered a comprehensive vision, including concept and structure, project management, architectural design, marketing, and building and delivery.

“Since we formed the company, it participated in all the steps of development in a real estate project. In other words, we found leads, markets, visualized projects, financial and legal structures; designed, built, managed and marketed; all of this, inside the company,” stated Saravia.

Among the phases the manage, the following stand out:

  1. Vision and structuring: Investment, location, land, legal requirements, among other aspects, are analyzed to ground a proposal.
  2. Design: visualization of location and surroundings for proper functionality on the scale of finished project.
  3. Construction: This is the pivotal phase of the process. Where project management and design collaborate, and with excellent personnel and top-shelf supplies, produce an iconic work representative of the Arias, Serna y Saravia tradition.
  4. Management: Another key process in the building of projects is the efficient management of operations. Arias, Serna y Saravia have managed not just to adhere to time tables, but to deliver final projects satisfying the expectations of everyone involved.
  5. Marketing: Arias, Serna and Saravia’s sales and marketing experts effectively communicate the value of each building.

Recognitions and certifications

For its untouchable work in exemplary projects over 35 years, Arias, Serna y Saravia have received various awards. Among the highlights are the 2014 2nd placing in the “XXII CEMEX International Project Prize,” 1998 Cartagena de Indias Prix D’Excellence and the International Paris FIABCI Prize for the restoration of the Santa Clara Hotel.

Social initiatives

As part of its efforts in the community, the company has worked with the non-profit organization PROBOGOTA whose mission is to bring the private sector and government together to develop the city in an organized and sustainable manner.

ASYS Professional Team

All Aria, Serna y Saravia personnel from administration to technicians to engineers and laborers, share the company’s vision and mission, to create buildings that increase the quality of life.

“The company’s vision has always been to build innovative projects that create new markets and ways of life for our clients in such a way that we always exceed expectations,” added Saravia.

Supply Chain

Since logistics are the foundation of operations at Arias, Serna y Saravia, they treat their contractors and suppliers as part of the company team, integrating them into the firm’s vision and mission.  

“Our suppliers and contractors, with whom we’ve created a way of working, dedication and determination around projects, are already recognized as part of our market differentiation,” said the CEO.

Outlook for 2020

Arias, Serna y Saravia seek to build more national and international projects and to increase their revenue at no less than 15 percent per annum.