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Interviewee Rodrigo Hübner Grasso, General Manager of ConSalfa


Consalfa became operational in January 2011 in Bogota, Colombia. That same year, civil engineer Rodrigo Hübner Grasso, who had a ten-year career in the Chilean Company Salfacorp, moved to Colombia to began his new business path as the Operations Manager of the newly established construction company ConSalfa.  By mid-2012, he moved to the post of CEO, a position he holds today.

      "This company carries the expertise to develop all construction specialties under one head in the Colombian market. This has been quite operational and has allowed us to grow," says Hübner.

      The first phase in the industrial development of Consalfa was carried out within the first two years with the founding of the company and its operational input. At present, the company is in Phase Two, which began in mid-2012 with the diversification of projects, the establishment of procedures, certifications and a major national and international presence.

      The consolidation stage, or Phase Three, hopes to maintain their current sustainable growth, which will double the size of the company in the next five years, reaching a turnover of $120 million in annual sales.

      "We look forward in growth and positioning that will allow us to strengthen the foundations of the company in all areas," says Hübner.


Operational Diversification

The company has been working in the private sector, with a primary focus in energy. Throughout the years, they have established contracts for all ranges of services such as mechanical, electrical, assemblies, structures, civil works, piping, instrumentation and commissioning among others.

      Regarding the development of new businesses, Hübner said: "We haven’t explored the marine industry in Colombia, but we have projects with a company that is ours in Panama. In mining, we have not succeeded due to the current backlog in this sector, but this year, we are going to begin activities in the oil & gas field."


Competitive Advantages

Through Salfacorp’s commercial office in China, Consalfa imports specific equipment for their current projects. For example, in the construction of a 100-feet high Thermoelectric chimney located in Santander, innovation and the latest machinery made ​​the difference when completing a major project under competitive conditions of safety, quality and time.

      "We have been trying to implement our technology, contacts and innovative systems that we have had for decades in Chile. It has not been easy, but when we have the opportunity to innovate, then we see those benefits. That's the operational capacity of this company," says Hübner.



ConSalfa seeks to standardize all processes and maintain valuable partnerships with suppliers of equipment, scaffolding, engineering, materials and design. Since their foundation in Colombia, various strategic suppliers with whom Salfacorp in Chile had a relationship, offered their services to the new company and moved to the neighboring country.

      "As we grow we are having new needs, which involves having more strategic partners in our act," says Hübner.


Projects 2015

For the remainder of the year, their portfolio of projects includes both civil works and electromechanical assemblies in various industries. ConSalfa seeks to expand its portfolio by 2015. Additionally, by the end of 2014, they expect to close a major contract in the oil & gas sector.


International Projection

As the result of two international companies that are highly recognized in the industry, ConSalfa has been invited to participate in several important projects in other countries in Latin America, but their main goal is to position themselves within the domestic market.

      Having consolidated operations in Colombia, Consalfa will start a stage of research and market analysis abroad, mainly in the Caribbean region and in countries such as Panama or the Dominican Republic.


ConSalfa’s Future

Nowadays, ConSalfa is concentrated on the industrial and energy sector, but their next strategic step is to shift their focus into the mining and hydrocarbons industry.

     "Stepping into other markets will allow us the growth we expect and the opportunity to participate in bigger projects," concluded Rodrigo Hübner, CEO of Consalfa.


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