Docsa is Elevating Mexico's Infrastructure with Outstanding Buildings...

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Interviewee Eduardo Lobeira Ortiz (Technical Director), and Arturo F. Richardson (President and CEO)

Industrial and Commercial Construction Leaders

Industrial activities initially occupied 70 percent of Docsa’s operations, followed by the creation of commercial ships. Years later they evolved their operations into the construction of buildings given their demand in Mexico.

      "In our beginnings we were devoted to industrial construction. Today 80 percent of our work lies in the vertical and horizontal construction of concrete buildings, where we have become specialists," says Richardson.

Featured Project of 2014

The residential and commercial complex "Arboleda" is one of the most important construction works this year. Arboleda’s general contract specifies a development within 18 months in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo Leon. The company will cement 124 thousand square meters in the commercial part and 81 thousand square meters in the residential area.

Sustainable Construction

Docsa is a company characterized by their sustainable development, following the “green” trend and implementing this in more than 40 percent of their projects. One example is the residential construction “Arboleda” in the Mexican State of Nuevo Leon.

Although each project depends on the customer’s specific requirements, Docsa expects that 100 percent of their projects become sustainable over the next three to five years.

 "This is a reality, the trend towards sustainable construction is unstoppable, it is also a necessity as a human race. In the next three to five years we have no doubt that all projects will be sustainable," Lobeira adds.


"Without reliable suppliers our course of action is impossible to meet, suppliers are strategic partners. We have alliances such as CEMEX for concrete and VSL for post-tensioned slabs, among other companies we work with in practically all projects," says Lobeira.

Other strategic partners in construction are our suppliers of labor, who have worked with Docsa for more than 10 years in various projects all over Mexico. "They perfectly know how we place the steel, the quality that we demand in concrete finishing, and are strategic allies without whom Docsa could not operate," he adds.

Global Management

Among their short-term projections, Docsa plans to position themselves abroad. One of their goals for the next four years is to participate in international projects, mainly in the South American region.

DOCSA’s Future

Docsa seeks to boost its industrial works to equalize their services 50/50 in both industrial and building areas.

"If you ask me for the next two years I would say that we continue to innovate in vertical construction but with more emphasis on the industrial area. We would also like to return to work abroad, " concluded Richardson. 

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