Intercoastal Marine

Intercoastal Marine

Maritime infrastructure’s go-to company in the Caribbean...

Maritime infrastructure for the Caribbean and beyond

IMI specializes in design and engineering for highly complex maritime infrastructure such as docks, piers, and fluvial and lacustrine systems. The company is also able to offer integral EPC solutions.

   IMI’s portfolio includes:

• Port facilities for Minera Panamá:  Construction of 1,300 ft. offloading pier for carbon and copper.

• Manzanillo International Terminal (Panama): 4.5 acre Construction of pier for electric-powered barges, including a 1290 ft. pier.

• Fuel transfer bunker pier for Telfer Tanks, Inc. (Colón, Panamá): floating equipment for structure mounting, pile driving and other procedures.

• Multipurpose pier at Punta Rincón (Panamá):  Construction of 500 ft. pier for cargo transfer and personnel boarding.

• Balboa Port (Panamá): Construction of container dock.

• Power generation dock (Corinto, Nicaragua):  Construction of 145 ft. dock.

The advantages of updated equipment

IMI’s fleet of construction equipment includes the most advanced cranes and machinery that maritime infrastructure operations require. The company enhances its position in Panama by having the largest crane capacity for construction projects in the country.

   The company acquired high-capacity pile drivers for complex tasks and developed its own production plants for prefab structures. At its facilities, IMI has produced custom-made octagonal piles up to 180 ft. in length, a first for any enterprise in Central America and the Caribbean region.

   IMI’s new metal-mechanics unit relies on automated welding equipment for precise pile joint and structure production, creating more than 18,000 tons of piles during the last two years.  

   For business management endeavors, IMI works with latest-generation SAP software and other applications that provide effective streamlining solutions.

Guaranteed quality within the supply chain

IMI has established long-lasting ties with companies in its supplier network. The company’s global supply chain includes purveyors from Asia, Europe and also from other countries in the Americas.

   Compliance with supplied services and products gives IMI strict control over every process, guaranteeing quality and safety in all of its projects.

Spreading the word about environmental care

Maritime construction requires constant contact with nature. As a result, every single IMI staff member receives special training on handling construction material with the minimal amount of residual output. The company’s leadership trickles down comprehensive risk prevention and environmental management plans to its staff.

   In fact, the main purpose for constant upgrades and updates in its machinery fleet is to answer environmental care demands, as newer equipment uses cleaner energy to run.

Growing the company’s presence

IMI is currently engaged in projects supporting the mining and energy industries. Projects in development for Minera Panamá top the company’s list of commitments and as a result, IMI has expanded its presence within the region.

   IMI’s operations abroad consist of a new project already underway in the Dominican Republic.

   In the short term, IMI is poised to expand farther into the continent, with support from parent companies Salfacorp and Conconcreto.