Internationalizing Construction Services in Central America...

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Entrepreneurship From the Top

    In an interview with the CEO of LLANSA INGENIEROS, Benjamin Lanzas, he informed us about the company’s current operations, involvement abroad and successful business strategy.  This same success has positioned LLANSA as a leading company in the field of horizontal and vertical works.

    Lanzas is a civil engineer with a career of more than 25 years in the industry. He started working in the construction sector after graduating from the University of Miami in the United States, where he completed his career and added to his studies a master's degree in industrial engineering and project management. The executive took the reins of the family business and became a multinational solution in civil works.

    The CEO also serves as Chairman of the Board for the Nicaraguan Chamber of Construction (Cámara Nicaragüense de la Construcción). An organization that works to strengthen Nicaragua’s construction sector.




BRAL: Have your logistics improved since the business alliance with subsidiaries CEDESA, SOLTEC, PAVINIC and PROINCO?

BLS: Growing is always very important and we continue to do so. Integrating several companies under a common purpose gives us the opportunity to be more competitive and efficient, it also gives us great strength in the domestic market.


BRAL: Is the company seeking to manage more projects outside Nicaragua?

BLS: Nicaragua’s economy is thriving right now, there is a lot of work in our country and we are currently trying to capitalize on those opportunities.


BRAL: Is among LLANSA’s short-term goals to provide services to new industries?

BLS: Sure, we have always tried to be innovative, to be at the forefront of technology and willing to study and learn about new businesses in the area. If any industry requires our services we will do everything we can to offer the best products and customer service.


BRAL: What competitive advantages place LLANSA INGENIEROS at the forefront of Nicaragua’s construction sector?

BLS: We invest in our staff and equipment; we always see the positive side in problems and understand that there are very few without a solution. We are always looking to update our methods and technology in an effort to provide the best service.


BRAL: What is the company doing to make their operations more environmentally friendly?

BLS: Environmentally we have a pro-active attitude. The company has three reforestation areas in the north and center of the country. Also, our standards of quality, safety, and environmental friendliness are always present in all our projects.


BRAL What role have your suppliers played in the success of logistics?

BLS: Having an alliance with suppliers is essential; they are key to our success because without their help we would not be where we are.


BRAL How do you see LLANSA INGENIEROS in the next five years?

BLS: Growing each day and becoming more efficient and productive. The positive national situation and integrity of our team puts us in control to do great things and achieve big results.