Tecnoedil S.A.

Tecnoedil S.A.

Tecnoedil: Paraguay's longstanding partner to accomplish progress...

Projects all over Paraguay

Tecnoedil's involvement in multiple projects keeps the company's staff busy, transferring their machinery across Paraguay. Important works underway include:

   · Construction of one section of the new highway to Ñu Guazu, to be completed before 2016.

   · Construction of a 55-mile highway between Curuguaty and Ypejhu, cities located near the northern border shared with Brazil. The project is currently at 10 percent completion.

   · Installation of a 111-mile long electric grid from Curuguaty to Capitan Bado.

   · Construction of the Fuerte Olimpo airport.

   · Construction of a Social Security Institute hospital in Ciudad del Este.

   · Expansion works for the Ciudad del Este viaduct at K4.

"Earning another public work contract is a determining factor for any company's revenue, but we depend on bidding for public tenders. Important public projects are currently being tendered," Ardissone explained.

 Tecnoedil also engages in private investments, such as the Scania and Honda repair shops' expansion, as well as a contract to build a cold storage facility for JBS, the giant Brazilian meat processing and packaging company.

Available technology: both a resource and a business unit

Tecnoedil is constantly stocking and upgrading its machinery and off-highway construction vehicle fleet. Investments in new bulldozers, excavators, dump trucks, road rollers and laser guided land levelers are a standard procedure for the company.

 Tecnoedil´s capability of bringing Paraguay the most advanced technology and machinery for construction also serves another business unit: machinery rental and sales of construction consumables. Tecnoedil exports gravel to northern Argentina (a scarce commodity in the area), in addition torunning a roof panel manufacturing, distribution and sales operation.

   Establishing a joint venture with an important Spanish corporation allowed Tecnoedil to import a kind of prefabricated concrete, which previously was only available in Europe.

   "We strive to improve our service offer for the construction sector by bringing innovative, latest-generation products into Paraguay," explained the executive.

Guaranteed Specialization: the big incentive for the workforce

The personnel at Tecnoedil work in some of the best conditions within the construction sector in Paraguay. An important motivating factor for the company's workers is the opportunity to receive proper training and become certified operators of construction vehicles. The company has 500 machines and vehicles working on simultaneous projects countrywide, resulting in openings for future operators and topographers. Engineers and other technicians are also eligible to receive scholarships for postgraduate studies.

Forecast calling for planned, control growth

Due to fluctuations in domestic and regional economic markets, Tecnoedil is not taking unnecessary risks during the current project tender bonanza in their home country. The company is planning to achieve a 10 to 15 percent growth rate. Based on the company's work quality, accomplishing this rather modest projection is a reasonable expectation. Tecnoedil’s competed projects portfolio and longstanding reputation only benefits Paraguay's construction sector.

   One pending project for Tecnoedil is to earn another highway operation concession, in the same conditions of their current operation of the Ciudad del Este route, which is currently the only such concession in Paraguay. Other pending endeavors include properly planning and training the upcoming generation of executives to take over the company's reins when current board members retire.

   "Our younger staff is on the right track to take over the company. We have clearly addressed their preparation as our assignment and it's been developing properly," Ardissone concluded.