Tha Engenharia

Tha Engenharia

Group Tha plans to grow operations in the South of the country...

Written by: Simone Talarico

Operations in the development, engineering and real estate markets. The history of Grupo Thá’s tradition began 119 years ago in Curitiba, in the state of Paraná. Since then, the company has constructed more than 6 million sq. meters of total area in the execution of public works, real estate (residential, commercial, gated communities, etc.), industrial projects and, in recent decades, in developing its own real estate projects and service provision.

After more than a century of being family-run, the group’s three business units – Thá Incorporadora (“Thá Development”), Thá Engenharia (“Thá Engineering”) and “Thá Imobiliária” (“Thá Real Estate”) underwent a management professionalization process. In 2012, the stock ownership control of Grupo Thá was taken over by the American investment fund, Equity International Management.

Currently, Grupo Thá continues to be focused on the development and engineering sectors. Thá Incorporações operates in the southern region of the country. Its projects are located in Londrina and Curitiba in the state of Paraná as well as in the cities of Joinville and Cambiriú, in Santa Catarina. The objective of this branch of the company is to expand its operations in this region and to launch a project in Porto Alegre, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, by the end of 2014. Imobiliária Thá, whose majority partner is Lopes Consultoria de Imóveis, is an offshoot of the developer.

Thá Engenharia operates in the execution of the group’s own projects and provides engineering services to third-party firms throughout Brazil. It is focused on industrial projects, shopping centers, retail stores, hospitals, universities and the construction of residential and commercial buildings. “Among our strategic partners in this segment, Rossi and Tecnisa stand out”, emphasizes the Executive Director of the Group, Roberto Braz Thá.

In 2011 and 2012, revenue figures were balanced; 50% came from each of the group’s two companies. However, in 2013 development was responsible for 60% of total revenues. “Our objective is to grow a little in development and we are already launching an increased number of development projects”, the executive says.

The quality of Thá Incorporadora’s development projects has received awards. The 7th Avenue Live & Work, a multi-use complex located in the Rebouças neighborhood in Curitiba, won the 2012 Developer of the Year prize, given by the State of Paraná Real Estate Market Association (ADEMI-PR). There will be three independent towers – Oxford Residence, Chelsea Offices and Trinity Corporate, in addition to a shopping gallery with 8 stores. The residential building will be comprised of 565 one and two-bedroom apartments. The office tower will have 28 units from 191 - 409 sq. meters in area. “This is an in-house development and is currently the largest project under construction in Curitiba,” Robert says. Advanced environmental protection techniques will be used in the project, such as construction residue management in addition to the utilization of rainwater and natural lighting. The corporate tower has been pre-certified by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and is seeking LEED Certification. Construction of 7th Avenue Live & Work began in December 2011. Delivery is expected in March 2015.

Another featured development project built by Thá Engenharia is Universe Life Square, executed in partnership with Rossi. “We delivered the Universe building at the beginning of the year. It’s the highest building in Curitiba, with 44 floors of office and residential areas,” he explains. Apartments with a total area of 104 - 172 sq. meters comprise the residential floors of the project, while the multi-functional suites from 46 – 584 sq. meters in area and the stores, with 139 – 1,325 sq. meters of total area, make up the commercial space.

To continue excelling in the development and engineering markets, Grupo Thá believes in investing in its employees and in commercial partnerships.

Employee training is one way of guaranteeing access to qualified labor. “To get around the big challenge faced by most Brazilian builders, a lack of labor, we have invested in training. We like to work with interns who eventually graduate and continue working for the company,” says the Executive Director. The company offers personnel qualification courses, with 12 modules, specific to construction engineers, in partnership with an institution in Curitiba. Training courses for operations personnel – including carpenters, bricklayers, etc – are also carried out in partnership with Sesi (Brazilian Industrial Social Services) and Senai (National Service for Industrial Training).

“We like to establish long-term contracts with suppliers, such that it is a win-win relationship for both parties. The suppliers win with increased volumes and we win by getting to work with suppliers who treat us like their main client,” he concludes.