VALORCON S.A., Improving Colombia’s Infrastructure...

Machinery and Technology

Being at the vanguard of the construction industry in Latin America, VALORCON has incorporated its own equipment, composed of 200 dump trucks, 4 asphalt production plants, 11 production plants of concrete with mixer trucks, as well as the ability to auto-supply asphalt cement and concrete.

    "We have paved around 1.5 million square meters of flooring in the last five years," said Jaime Massard, General Manager of VALORCON and civil engineer. Massard has been linked to the company for more than 45 years.


Current Operations

VALORCON S.A. has emerged as a leader in civil works, developing government water and sewage projects, and constructing storage tanks up to 5,000 cubic meters in volume.

    In 2015, one of its biggest projects will be the construction of 7,500 homes for a social housing initiative. The company will also participate in the "Nordeste” concession,  a five-year project where 145 kilometers of road and 96 bridges will be created in Antioquia.

   Another concession is "Vía de las Americas," one of the largest, which will modernize roads in Choco, Cordoba, Cesar and Antioquia.


Environmental Management

VALORCON’s department of environmental control ensures that all management plans continue its conservation standards, from the use of global best practices in the management of industrial resources to respecting all communities.

    "We are always respecting the environment and it is a requirement that we have with all citizens," said Massard.


Social Activities  

As part of VALORCON’s commitment to improving the quality of life in Colombia, the company has stimulated the surrounding communities through social programs and environmental sponsorships. Furthermore, its human resources department is always incorporating and training local personnel, forming specialized technicians for major development endeavors.



Better known as "allies," its suppliers are one of VALORCON’s main resources, known for providing quality material and complying with established delivery times.

    "We've had great support from our suppliers. With timely delivery and with the provided credit," said the general manager.


VALORCON in Five Years

   Colombia has digitized its procurement system. This has increased long term concessions for construction companies such as the Zaragoza-Guerrero concession, a bridge over Rio Magdalena, and Ernesto Cortissoz Airport, both in Barranquilla.

    "The construction industry in Colombia is one of the main drivers of success, providing jobs for thousands of people which efficiently develop the country. The government will continue to invest to innovate roads, to have better communication between the center and the coast to upgrade competitiveness on imports and exports," said Massard.