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Home Trust is one of Canada’s leading mortgage and home loan providers. Based in Toronto and founded in 1977, the company launched with a philosophy that was centered on helping Canadians to achieve their financial goals. Home Trust has expanded and grown to become one of the premier financial services institutions in Canada. Home works primarily with mortgage brokers to make homeownership possible for select groups of borrowers who are not well served by the larger banks. Since the start of the pandemic, demand for homeownership has increased due to the increasing appreciation for the importance of a home for the safety and protection of borrowers and their families. People are spending more time in their homes and using their homes for work, education, and leisure. Demand for homes creates demand for mortgages. Home Trust has been able to meet this growing demand over the past two years because it had already taken steps to digitise the mortgage application and funding process.

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Sanja Cancar-Todorovic

Enterprise Procurement, Outsourcing & Vendor Management Leader

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