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Kensington Mortgages

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Kensington Mortgages is a specialist mortgage provider that was founded 27 years ago. At its core, it prides itself on offering loans to customers who would otherwise be turned away from high-street banks and traditional lenders, operating in the ‘grey space’ that exists between the black and white of big-bank lenders. That means, for example, offering mortgages to over-55s, sole traders and the self-employed, as well as key workers. One of its flagship products, Kensington’s Hero range, is aimed at NHS workers, police officers, firefighters, teachers and armed forces personnel, and allows them to take out up to five times their income against the cost of buying a house.

The business has come a long way since its inception, growing from a disruptor in the residential mortgage space to an established lender with a mortgage book worth over £5bn and £10bn of Serviced Assets. Data has always been part of Kensington’s DNA and, together with its human-led underwriting expertise, means that it can better understand the unique circumstances faced by each of its customers and adapt accordingly.


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Mark Foulsham

Chief Operating Officer

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