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Enabling Digital Transformation & IoT Integration in Singapore Manufacturing with Countless Possibilities Advance Manufacturing Transformation Center (AMTC) is a first of its kind competence centre which provides guidance, support and training to manufacturing facilities in ASEAN on their journey of adoption, transition and transformation towards advance manufacturing. AMTC enables companies to develop optimised digital twin models of their envisioned advance manufacturing plants. Subsequently, the Centre helps to simulate, optimise and evaluate operations before commissioning the actual manufacturing facility. The Centre carries out additive manufacturing prototyping and low volume production with the support of available on-site experts, technology partners and experienced specialist consultants. A variety of Digitalks, training, workshops and seminars are available to ensure a smooth transition and transformation.. Membership includes unrivaled access to advanced manufacturing equipment, technology and interaction with like-minded Industry IoT enablers.

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Benjamin Moey

Vice President (Advance Manufacturing, Digital Industries, APAC)

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