ENERGOPROJEKT-NISKOGRADNJA Peru, competitive performance in completing complex projects...

Goran Radovic, the CCO for ENERGOPROJEKT NISKOGRADNJA S.A. - Peru Branch, spoke with Business Review America Latina about the affiliate's future in the South American country, projections for coming years and its current operations.


BRAL: Do you expect a positive outcome for coming years?

GR: Energoprojekt is a group of companies (becoming a holding, actually) conceived in Belgrade, Yugoslavia (which is now the capital of Serbia), but after Yugoslavia's disintegration during the 1990s, the area suffered the consequences of political changes, which, as a result, affected the company's contracts due to civil wars and disputes, the same way it happens in Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries and African nations such as Algeria, not only because of changes in the political climate but also in religion. Internally, Serbia (location for Energoprojekt's headquarters) was also affected by sanctions imposed by the U.N. for years during the nineties. But Energorpojekt was able to overcome all of these incidents; and after recovering, we are ready to take a step forward. In Peru we have engaged in construction for infrastructure projects, mostly.


BRAL: Are you looking forward to expand the company's operations in other Latin American countries?

GR: In respect to Latin America, Energoprojekt has been here for a slightly more than 40 years and even though we have branches in Bolivia and Argentina, we are mainly engaged in projects developed in Peru. If we engage in more projects, these would probably happen in Bolivia and Argentina, countries which are already familiar to us.


BRAL: How is Energoprojekt - Niskogradnja S.A. managing its personnel?

GR: Energoprojekt is a huge enterprise trading in Belgrade's stock market; acting in accordance to its size and level, the company has qualified personnel to work in different kinds of projects, both in design as in actual construction.


BRAL: What role have your suppliers played in the company's success?

GR: We nurture a proper relationship with every single supplier here in Peru, we have never fallen short of any of our commitments towards them, we know them deeply and we have worked together for very long now.


BRAL: What has been one of your most important achievements?

GR: As long as I wear the Energoprojekt shirt, professionalism is our main attribute. It is also very important that we are still working in Peru, a country in which competition is not what it was ten years ago; the construction sector in this country has grown and it is no small feat that we are still engaging in projects after so many years.


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