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Hessert Construction Group - They Build It Like It’s Their Own...

When it comes to the construction industry, it’s all about quality—this is especially true for Hessert Construction Group, LLC. For three generations, Hessert has provided innovative thinking and experience to Southern New Jersey and Greater Philadelphia, meeting a variety of institutional and commercial construction needs.

About the Hessert experience

For Hessert, the project comes first—period. No matter what particular project the construction company is working on, the management team is consistently on hand to provide innovating thinking and experience. The goal is to ultimately select the most appropriate approach to all elements of the development, including pre-construction, project management, and construction requirements.

Hessert has cemented its reputation throughout the community and the industry by recognizing the importance of sustainability and the environment. The company has developed an expertise for sustainable design and renewable energy. Hessert has experience in a vast range of sectors, including commercial, education, entertainment, healthcare, and public regions.

Two key mantras

According to Mark Heenan, president for Hessert when the interview was conducted in June 2015, the company can best be described through two of the company’s mantras: “We Build It Like It’s Our Own” and “Mind, Body, and Solar.” Embracing and following these mantras has  allowed Hessert to stay a step ahead of its competition.

“We’ve been fortunate enough to find a really good team of people who care about what they do,“ Heenan said. “It’s about passion. Every member of our team not only cares about how they perform as an individual, but how they perform as a team, too.”

“We rely entirely on the team to build well and work together to achieve common objectives. We’re consistent and we’re all committed to quality—across the board.”

Heenan acknowledged that a huge investment is made when a client brings on his construction company, emphasizing the importance of having a good end result.

“It’s a matter of caring,” he said, describing the process. “If we’re good at our job; if we build it like it’s our own, then there shouldn’t be a building owner who won’t be happy with our end result.”

The bulk of Hessert’s projects revolve around the company’s second motto: primarily educational buildings (mind), health care facilities (body), and other opportunities that include renewable energy and sustainable green ability (solar).

Hessert distinguishes themselves from other construction groups by getting involved with a wide range of other projects that include zoos, aquariums, and other projects within the entertainment sector.

The growth of technology

“Technology is catching up in the industry and it can be utilized to make everything faster,” Heenan said. In fact, Heenan and his team have determined different ways in which technology can be used.

“We’re repurposing technology designs that were designed for different sectors of the industry,” Heenan continued.

Heenan touched upon Hessert’s use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, the technique of creating and using 3-D computer models of design drawings.

“We can actually place owners in the desk they’re going to be sitting in,” Heenan noted. “Building owners now have the privilege of seeing their surrounding before a shovel is even put into the ground. The owner is able to see and actually feel changes, as well as see the end result.”

Because of this technology, alterations can easily be made, meaning every party involved in the project—from subcontractors to owners—can save money, time and resources. “There’s no ‘Oops! I wish we would have done that’ moment,” said Heenan.

In the end, with the aid of BIM technology, projects move more smoothly for Hessert and the building owners. The client is not only happy, but usually then becomes a repeat client.

Current projects and what the future holds

Hessert recently finished work on the Sea Isle Municipal building in New Jersey, with a new City Hall, police station, and fire offices being added. In addition, Hessert will soon be starting an 8.2 mega watt solar project in Gloucester, New Jersey.

Hessert knows and believes in the value of education: as New Jersey invests in building more educational institutions, Heenan noted various projects where he and his team are involved.

Hessert, in partnership with Clarke Caton Hintz, is working on a design-build project for Rutgers University on its women’s campus. Specifically, Heenan and his team will be working on the student center and dorm building in the historic part of the women’s campus.

As for the future of Hessert and the construction industry as a whole, Heenan is very hopeful and excited.

“We’ve got plenty of goals,” he said. “Specifically, we want to maintain and build upon the reputation of ourselves and the industry in our geographic area. Not only do we want to express to clients that we’re quality contractors, but we also want to show that Hessert is a great place to work.”

Heenan believes that the construction industry will continue to grow within the next five years, specifically in the technology region.

“This has been a stubborn industry in regards to changing with technology,” Heenan said. “However, taking a different approach towards technology is becoming more common and should continue.”

With this new application of technology, the way business is done will be revolutionized. “There will be different ways to build buildings,” Heenan said. “The entire process will change immensely with the assistance of virtual models of buildings.”

“It’s exciting to think about change,” Heenan added. “The industry hasn’t really seen any significant change. With the ability to really apply computer technology, we’re going to be able to build things that couldn’t even be designed before because of the lack of technology.”