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Idealease is a private, integrating company with offices in the United States, Canada and Mexico. It consists of 186 partners operating the business in 432 locations. It started originally in 1983 in Illinois (U.S.) It opened for business in Mexico on July 17, 1996 in the city of Monterrey, Nueve Leon. Currently, it is present in 45 of the main cities in Mexico, and is the only company with a national presence focused on offering solutions to consumers of large trucking services in Mexico.

“I had the good fortune of founding the company as general director and starting IDEALEASE operations in Mexico 20 years ago,” recalled Fernando Noriega, General Director of IDEALEASE Mexico and mechanical engineer with more than 25 years of experience in the transportation industry.

Idealease Mexico offers: Short-term truck rental (Ready to Rent / Idealease), operational lease with all services included (Full Service Leasing) and Guaranteed Maintenance Services for new vehicles. Committed to these services, IDEALEASE Mexico has stood out from the competition as a result of offering an array of solutions in transportation service. Such is the case with their full maintenance package and around the clock roadside assistance.

Its rental and leasing fleet is upward of 2,000 trucks of different sizes and load capacity (heavy, light heavy, light, ultra-light.) They are the only company with national coverage and with a network available to small, medium and large businesses. Furthermore, all of its units are new because their Ready to Rent / Idealease vehicles have a three year service limit and the average Full Service Leasing truck is three years old. This ensures quality, good appearance and functionality during the service life of the vehicle.

Within its truck portfolio 25 percent of the fleet is equipped with a refrigerator. These trucks are intended to serve the food industry. Among its array of products the following stand out: dry box, cool box and platforms.   

Leading Actors

Despite local competition in the light load segment, IDEALEASE Mexico is the only load truck leasing and rental company with national coverage, saving customers time in finding service. The services they offer and the national coverage reflect an unrivaled supply chain.

At Ready to Rent, one of our most important differentiators is our new fleet because the oldest vehicle is three years old. That gives the person who purchases our services assurance that the vehicle will spend more time on the road than in the auto shop. This allows our clients to be more productive for a lower price,” stated Noriega. 

When replacing their fleet, the vehicles are like new and are sold into the used car market every three years, propelling the modernization of the Mexican parking lot, where cars are an average of 18 years old according to the National Association of Private Haulers (ANTP) and the National Chamber of Hauling Transport (CANACAR).

Another feature IDEALEASE customers love is the diversity of their fleet. Rafael Carranza King, Director of Ready to Rent / IDEALEASE México, stated: We have trucks available starting at 1-ton to full size, which covers Mexico’s three major industrial sectors: production, marketing and services.” Carranza King added that 24 percent of his current fleet is equipped with refrigeration and logistic rails inside the boxes, providing more stability for the loads.

“These units give our clients flexibility in choosing the truck best suited to their needs,” he said.

Next Investments

  1. In 2015, Ready to Rent / Idealease is investing 35 million USD to replace and increase its fleet by 40. By 2016, their fleet will number between 900 and 1,300 trucks.
  2. For 2016, according to its strategic growth plan, Full Service Leasing wants to reach 2,500 units in its fleet.
  3. With the aim of consolidating its permanence as leaders in the Mexican load truck leasing and rental sector, IDEALEASE will open new service centers at strategic locations.  


Consolidation during imminent internationalization

Based on their success in Mexico, IDEALEASE is setting its sights on neighboring economies.

“We’re weighing the possibility of expanding into South and Central America. Nothing’s set in stone yet, but what is certain is continuing to grow in Mexico and the United States,” said the General Director.

IDEALEASE Mexico is growing with the industry, increasing its portfolio of services and size of its fleet thanks to the investments Mexico is receiving in the tourism and automotive sectors. An example of that is the more than $7 billion allocated for the construction of seven manufacturing plants in the Bajio region by Nissan-Renault, Honda, Mazda, Audi, Mercedes Benz and BMW, and in Pesqueria, Nuevo Leon, Kia.

“These investments will benefit the regional markets and all of the stakeholders in these industries,” said Noriega.

Another important factor is the recently promulgated Energy Reform which is attracting regional industrial giants and whose clients are capitalizing on different international policies like NAFTA to globalize the transportation of commodities.

We are betting that in the next few years the demand for our services will increase,” added Noriega. 

Green initiatives

It’s constant updating of cars benefits the environment and makes their operation more sustainable. Furthermore, its trucks are regulated by the current EPA (Pollutant Emmission Standards) benchmarks. Finally, IDEALEASES shops comply with all environmental regulations stipulated by Mexican authorities.

Human Capital

As industrial operations go digital and business communications are revolutionized, IDEALEASE doubles its efforts to keep their personnel up to speed on all technological matters. Through an aggressive training program, they bring up to date their technicians, operators, mechanics and collaborators. By the same token, they offer training programs to their clients’ chauffeurs to ensure that their vehicles are being driven appropriately.

Logistical technology

Always wanting to be on the cutting edge, IDEALEASE is implementing a system that exceeds GPS capabilities. It’s a telemetry program named Ready to Track to evaluate the well-being of the vehicle, the driver’s practices, and the amount of fuel left, in real-time.

Win-win partnerships

The Mexican subsidiary has a win-win relationship with the IDEALEASE corporate office in Chicago. It creates national and regional strategies that backed by headquarters. An example of this is Ready to Rent/Idealease, a brand created by IDEALEASE Mexico (in the U.S. this service is known as Truck Leasing & Rental.)

“We are well supported by our suppliers. Such is the case with Navistar International, our main supplier of load trucks, and who offer us specific vehicles tailor made to our needs. We have other suppliers that back us with technical support