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Morgan Stanley at Work provides workplace financial solutions to help build employee financial confidence, foster loyalty and help companies attract and retain talent. The company’s end-to-end offering spans Equity Solutions, Financial Wellness and Retirement Solutions. Additionally, Morgan Stanley at Work provides Financial Empowerment services, so that employees have the knowledge, tools and support needed to make the most of their workplace financial benefits.

Morgan Stanley at Work’s suite of equity solutions is designed to help companies create a culture of excellence through a culture of ownership. For the unique needs of private companies ranging from startup to pre-IPO, Morgan Stanley at Work provides a broad suite of solutions to help manage their cap table and equity plans, generate audit-ready 409A Valuations, run liquidity progammes and become transaction ready ahead of a liquidity event or IPO. 

Morgan Stanley at Work’s complete, integrated equity management solution, delivers collaboration, clarity and simplicity. Built on a foundation of connectedness, our platform seamlessly pulls together information to provide a single source of truth to employees, investors, auditors, and partners. With an intuitive design, employees can easily see the value of their ownership and access their company’s equity plans from wherever they are. 

With the goal of helping companies ensure their workforces realize the full potential of their benefits, Morgan Stanley at Work believes that when your employees thrive, your company thrives too. And that there’s no better investment that a company can make than in its employees. Because when they work at their best, so does the business. 

Executives in Morgan Stanley at Work

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Sam Adams

Executive Director, Private to Public Strategy, Morgan Stanley at Work

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Kevin Swan

Co-Head of Global Private Markets, Morgan Stanley at Work

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