Digital Construction Articles

The future of carbon negative concrete in Saudi Arabia

Red Sea Global signs product supply agreement with Partanna to lay the future for carbon negative concrete in Suadi Arabia

Unlocking the value of BIM for the construction industry

Revizto and OpenSpace form collaboration dedicated to unlocking the value of BIM for the construction industry through integrated platforms

GITAI conducts successful lunar base construction demo

GITAI's ground demonstration test emulated tasks that will be required for future lunar explorations and lunar base constructions using four robots.

McLaren Construction chooses Cyber Security Associates

Cybercrime is an ever-growing threat to the construction industry. A recent report found that construction is the fifth most at risk industry for attack.

BuildClub: Amazon Prime for contractors, celebrates growth

BuildClub, an on demand supplier of building materials that is disrupting the industry, will add 15 cities to its portfolio in 2023.

Reducing carbon emissions by leveraging excess building heat

A research team at the Department of Building Energy Research at Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology develops heat trade system.

Huawei details plans for gigabit network construction

Richard Jin, President of Huawei Optical Business Product Line, has elaborated on the vision of 'Green Giga' and defined four development directions.

Vietnam’s VinFast to build $4bn EV plant in North Carolina

Vietnamese electric car manufacturer to tender for construction of plant in Chatham County after receiving key government permit