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With the rise of commercial developments and industrialisation of major cities in order to cater for increased demand and population growth, the idea...

With the rise of commercial developments and industrialisation of major cities in order to cater for increased demand and population growth, the idea of treehouse accommodation is a popular phenomenon within all cultures.

Connecting the modern world with nature, we take a look at several treehouse hotels which have been built sustainably, allowing visitors to connect with the landscape and local wildlife.

Treehouse Hideaway: India

The Treehouse Hideaway in India is situated within the jungle, high up in the trees, providing stunning views of the landscape, but also provides you with being amongst the wildlife below.

Built from local wood, the build incorporates all modern amenities, with a dining hall, bar and living area for visitors to enjoy.

Robins Nest Treehouse Hotel: Sweden

Founded by Peter Becker and built in 2014, the Robins Nest Treehouse Hotel in Sweden is a sustainability project, making visitors closer with nature.

Constructed with all sustainable materials, the treehouses are suitable for up to four people and are accessible via a bridge.

Treehouse Hotel: Kulturinsel, Germany

Built within the Gering Elten Adventure Parks, the Treehouse Hotel in Germany is open to couples, families and thrill seekers, with an array of different themes situated within the nine treehouses which can accommodate 4—6 people.

Treehouse Lodge: Peru

Situated within the Peruvian Amazon, the Treehouse Lodge in Peru has eight treehouses which enable visitors to view the jungle below surrounding rainforest, wildlife and local rivers, with local fishermen close by.

All treehouse lodges can be accessed via a staircase or steel cable bridge.

Dominican Treehouse Village

Built in 2014, the Dominican Treehouse Village comprises of tree house cabins situated within the jungle, which are linked through rope bridges. Ideal for thrill seekers, there are a range of activities on offer.

Constructed with sustainable, local materials, the tourist village has been built locally, providing jobs within the region and boosting the local economy, all whilst providing sustainable accommodation.

Treehouse Point: Seattle

Popular with weddings and overnight stays, Treehouse Point is an adult only establishment, comprising over seven treehouses, allowing you to wake up to the sound of birds and local rivers whilst enjoying forest views.

Treehouse Lodge: Costa Rica

Brilliant for couples and families, Treehouse Lodge comprises of five different houses, all with an array of designs.

Designed by Edsart Besier, fallen trees were utilised within the building works, at which further sustainable sources such as solar are incorporated within the eco-friendly spaces.

Visitors can access the treehouse lodge build via a suspension bridge, at which the construction has been built over two floors.

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