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HL Ingenieros has found its way into hailed public works projects much needed in Colombia, which are viable today. Some traits distinguishing the firm include project completion ahead of schedule and a very low accident rate.


The company is getting involved as subcontractors for sought-after projects, such as the nine "4G" roads (about 5,000 miles of road construction nationwide). This is largely a result of  of the projects having been granted to larger firms who need HL Ingenieros' knowledge of the territory and available expertise in electromechanics, tunnel controls and ventilation systems. The Company also applies its expertise to other details which can’t be overlooked in projects whose main purposes are to be fast and safe when completed.


Another recent achievement where the company will be kept busy for a while is the newly granted Magdalena River works. This is Colombia's third-largest river, but the most important, since it connects most of the mainland with the Caribbean Sea.  Much needed logistic ports must be built along its course..


It's clear now that most projects requiring HL Ingenieros’ know-how and qualities are related to infrastructure, such as the new production plant for Mexican cement firm CEMEX, already under construction in the Antioquia department (province) with a $340 million investment. It’s scheduled for opening in mid-2015, with a second phase to be ready before late 2016. And in breaking news, it is now publicly known that HL is bidding for the Yopal and Ibague airport projects, which are expected to improve the visitors' rate to these tourism destinations.


True partnerships know no borders

HL Ingenieros is pairing with Mota-Engil Engenharia e Construção, from Brazil, in order to bid for the airport projects. Also, the company is open to partnerships with either domestic or foreign firms for the Magdalena River projects.


Investment to remain at the cutting-edge

The management at HL Ingenieros knows very well that the best strategy to keep atop domestic companies is investing in the best equipment and latest generation machinery. During the last couple of years, more than $5 million has been destined to upgrade the equipment and machinery, staying ahead of the competition by using power tools no older than 2009 models.


Sustainability and safety as leverage factors

Being able to work abroad and competing with global firms for a share of a sizeable project grant in Colombia means certain standards need to be well taken care of. As a a result of this care, HL Ingenieros was awarded  Chevron's gold medal for safe procedures in their projects.


In addition, environmental management in project design is now part of their service line, which goes under revision monthly by the management. This has helped to grow the company's reputation as a reliable company.


Green lights for development

Even though HL Ingenieros has worked in most countries in Central America and a couple of Colombia's neighbors in South America, upper management decided in favor of cost reduction, focusing only in Colombia and Peru, where new projects are not only the everyday talk of the town, but also actually happening. It is projected that in the short term, half of the company's income will be earned in domestic projects and the other half from endeavors in Peru. 


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