RANDALL: construction the right way

RANDALL: construction the right way

RANDALL Construction is cementing its position as the leading self-perform in Florida by investing in innovative market disrupting products across an im...

The genesis of RANDALL Construction lies in a full-service plumbing company launched in Orlando, Florida back in 1986. “We started the business out of my apartment,” recalls Jeff Condello, President & CEO. RANDALL’s portfolio of business units has grown to include everything from electrical and engineering to BIM and fabrication. “The more complex a job, the greater value we bring,” pledges Condello. “We like to partner with construction managers and owners who value a well-managed, professional contractor for their specific solutions.”

It was the acquisition of Seminole Sheet Metal in 2010 that elevated RANDALL’s offering and triggered a period of extreme growth, positioning the business as both as a major mechanical and plumbing company, as well as the largest sheet metal company for construction in Florida. “It was the largest non-union metal manufacturer in Florida,” remembers Condello. “Today, we’ve more than doubled the size of the manufacturing facility to 20 acres. We used the acquisition to enable us to offer in-house fabrication and grow our mechanical plumbing group. The reason for that growth is our aim to be a one-stop shop and provide value to our customers by working out of the same facilities to ensure our costs can be competitive in any market. Our ability to self-perform most of the work on a construction site has future-proofed our business model.”

During the last recession, Condello explains the company took advantage of the struggling economy and were able to expand the RANDALL family. “Companies were shutting down,” he recalls. “We were able to take on many good people and fund new and innovative branches of our business. That's how we started our concrete tilt wall company, which is now among the largest contractor of its type in Florida.” 

Innovation is key to RANDALL enhancing its capabilities as a specialty contractor. “We aim to provide solid, state-of-the-art service to make projects more efficient for our clients,” maintains Matt Reinders, Vice President of RANDALL. “Because we self-perform, we can control our job sites – especially with the mechanical plumbing, electrical, and fire protection all in one unit. We can deploy prefabricated solutions with ease, use BIM models for more accuracy and provide one point of contact for communication which makes it easier for the general contractor. Through our design-build process, we offer a full turnkey service that ensures everything is coordinated via a unified approach resulting in greater efficiency.” By employing a vertically integrated offsite construction approach, RANDALL can reduce labor on site by up to 50%. “Bringing a prefab mentality to each project is the perfect solution to meet the challenges of today’s tight market with its labor shortages,” adds Reinders. “We're tooled to be that subcontractor in the marketplace.”

As part of its strategy, RANDALL has invested in BIM technology to aid its approach to pre-construction processes, providing General Contractors and project partners the capability to see what’s happening in real-time when work on site begins. With 360-degree cameras on the job sites, the ability to deploy drones - and with most of its workforce connected with mobile devices - technology in the field is aiding collaboration by keeping all disciplines across a project connected. Reinders believes RANDALL’s commitment to technology makes it an attractive company to work for. “You’re not going to find another contractor that does approximately 70% of a total project in-house and self-performed; from site work, tilt walls and precast to architectural, metal work and MEP-FP. Our innovative mindset is a differentiator. We’re taking that to the next level with our modern approach to modular construction, using prefabrication to push the possibilities to make construction sites safer and cleaner while producing less waste.”

Located in the heart of America’s theme park industry, RANDALL has formed partnerships with themed-entertainment companies like Disney, Universal and Sea World to name a few. “People like working with RANDALL,” says Reinders proudly. “We have the resources, strength, safety program and the reputation. No matter how difficult, RANDALL is the go-to player in the South East marketplace that will exceed expectations and get the job done. Our business model is controlled and our planned growth is strategic, which minimizes the challenges most other companies in our industry face.”

RANDALL has found success with a diverse range of state-of-the-art projects including; a bio science laboratory at a UF Research & Academic Facility, Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center in Orlando, several airport projects, Cabana Bay Resort for Universal, themed metal work for both Star Wars attractions in Anaheim and Orlando, and The Land of Pandora for Disney.

Sustainability is another important area of focus for RANDALL as the firm aims to identify ways it can lessen its carbon footprint. Thanks to an offsite, modular approach to construction, significant progress is being made. For example, “engineered precast combines a two and half-inch thick concrete wall with a steel-stud panel and are much lighter products, when compared to the traditional thickness of brick or concrete walls; reducing the amount of natural resources (water, sand etc) required,” explains Jessica Allen, RANDALL Brand Manager. “In turn, this makes a building’s foundations smaller. Lighter precast products further reduce the number of loads to be transported by large emission-producing trucks.” RANDALL’s approach is also helping owners and developers qualify for LEED green building credits, promoting greenier solutions across the construction industry. “In our precast yard, we recycle and reuse waste concrete,” adds Reinders. “Broken down concrete from one project can be recycled as fill for another.” RANDALL is actively seeking suppliers who can enhance this eco-friendly approach. For example, the company has teamed up with Kingspan as one of its few manufacturer distributors for the KoolDuct product. Kingspan’s KoolDuct System has a phenolic core and is a pre-assembled, pre-insulated duct system for HVAC installations that is 70% lighter than alternatives available and much greenier as it uses fewer materials.

Reinders sees a growing trend for prefabrication and modular solutions across the construction industry leaving RANDALL well-placed to take advantage of emerging requirements for MEP and fire protection systems which it can deliver in-house. “We’re also moving towards offsite pod construction for bathrooms and kitchens at our facility,” he adds. “They can be put on a truck, delivered to site and craned into position.” Ultimately, RANDALL is able to increase the projects speed to market, reduce risks and provide much needed alternatives to the traditional, antiquated methods of construction.

Condello affirms RANDALL is always looking to improve. “We always ask our people: ‘what are the problems in the construction industry?’. It's always been done the same way for many years.” he laments. “A lot of companies aren’t happy with where they are and what they’re doing. The solution? Think differently and find better ways to achieve your goals. We do this by partnering with our manufacturer relationships and discovering new approaches to projects through the progress they are making with materials and technologies. We do facility tours and apply those learnings at RANDALL, both in the field and in our own workshop.” Under Condello’s watchful stewardship, the RANDALL family will continue to evolve, looking to redefine ‘the right way’ to achieve the best construction solutions.

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