Construction Projects Articles


Mammoet Building World’s Largest Land-Based Crane

Mammoet assembling the world's biggest land-based crane, revolutionising the heavy-lifting industry by also harnessing renewable, wind and nuclear energy


White Cap Acquisition Shores up Concrete Supply

White Cap has acquired Dayton Superior in a strategic move to expand its market presence, strengthening its position in the construction industry


German Construction Industry Crisis 'Worst in Generation'

EU spring economic forecast shows stagnation across the region, and nowhere is suffering more than Germany, where construction has been decimated


Intel & Micron Join US Women-in-Construction Drive

Intel & Micron Technology early adoptors of US government's CHIPS Women in Construction Framework, designed to double number of women in construction


ROSHN Helping Build new Future for Saudi Arabia

Saudi community developer ROSHN on why it is is building a number of ultra-luxury housing projects along the shores of the Red Sea

What Is It Like To Be A Woman In Construction?

This International Women’s Day, leading female execs from Arup & Dropbox spoke to Construction Digital about their experiences as women in construction

Electric Grid Miscalculations Impact Housebuilding in the UK

Grid capacity challenges are so severe in West London that a ban could be placed on housebuilding altogether until capacity frees up in the network


Dubai Extends Metro as Millions Switch to Public Transport

Dubai to spend US$4.9 billion on extension to successful Metro system to connect more residential communities to growing public transport system