Colombian Chamber of Infrastructure

Colombian Chamber of Infrastructure

CCI: Colombian Chamber of Infrastructure...

Written by: Daniel Rivera


We are a business trade association that promotes socio-economic development of the country through a modern and efficient infrastructure, defends the institutions, ethics and transparency, and equally legitimate interests they represent their members, we seek balance in relationships contractual, pretended to strengthen the companies involved in the value chain and its human resources, and influences well in the design, construction and implementation of public policies related to the sector.

   The Chamber is a union of national coverage, self-regulated, broadly representative and robust in its internal organization, in constant interaction with its affiliates, capable of generating business initiatives, and influence the development of public policies related to the sector.



- Magazine: weekly online publication where the main processes and Competitive Bidding Merit for infrastructure projects of national and territorial entities are consolidated order.

- Legal Bulletin: Weekly online publication of regulatory monitoring, concepts and jurisprudence.

- Business Community Newsletter: monthly online publication that brings business opportunities and partnership between companies, agreements signed by the CCI with private sector companies to provide discounts on products and services, new members and upcoming events.

- Economic Bulletin: monthly online publication that disseminates economic information related to the field of transport infrastructure by presenting joint analysis and political economy.



In order to strengthen and develop the skills of human resources in the sector to increase productivity and competitiveness, exclusively CCI offers regular courses in technical, legal and economic factors, such as quality management systems, administration and finance issues regulatory updates, information technology, marketing, infrastructure construction, topography, occupational health, machinery simulators, safe working at heights, AutoCad, among others.



In order to promote education in the areas of engineering in the low-income population, CCI promoted Acres-Actions-Social Responsibility Foundation, which contributes to the training of future engineers, providing a monthly stipend to students , ostensibly to reduce the school drop-out in this area, to ensure that the sector has the human resources to develop infrastructure projects.


Hiring Practices

As part of the CCI's commitment to transparency and plurality of bidders, the guild has the explicit purpose of tending to the widespread implementation of best procurement practices. To this end, within the body has been prepared a number of documents that collect and synthesize those practices that contribute to transparent government procurement and plurality of bidders.


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