5 Innovative underwater builds

By Catherine Sturman
A lot of focus is placed on innovative, spacious buildings which are constructed on land, with the utilisation of various different building materials t...

A lot of focus is placed on innovative, spacious buildings which are constructed on land, with the utilisation of various different building materials to create unique designs. We take a look at five innovative builds which are situated underwater, providing a unique experience for all who visit, viewing aquatic life within its natural environment or providing sustainable alternatives within agriculture.  

Ocean Aquarium, Shanghai

Officially opening in 2002, the Ocean Aquarium in Shanghai displays a variety of exhibitions, with over 400 aquatic species for visitors to enjoy.

Constructed to incorporate 9 different sections, the aquarium is the only one to include rare species situated within China, which have originated from the Yangtze River.

The 20,500 square metre build is one of the most popular tourist sites within Shanghai.

Water Discus Hotel, Dubai

Popular with water sport enthusiasts, the Water Discus Hotel in Dubai contains 21 hotel rooms, a restaurant, garden and swimming pools, amongst many other attractions.

Developed by Deep Ocean Technology, the hotel is supported through fixtures implanted into the seabed.

The two discs provide a unique stay within Dubai through its construction, enabling visitors to view a variety of aquatic life and coral reefs. 

Nemos Garden

Developed by Sergio Gamberini from Ocean Reef Group, Nemo’s Garden has highlighted the possibility of growing plants and vegetable sources underwater.

The company’s plan to implant seeds within a vase, situated within sunken balloons full of air was the first experiment of its kind. 

Since its conception, the company have changed their methods to incorporate acrylic biospheres and inclusion of sophisticated technologies, which can be utilised in aquariums around the world.

Subsix, Maldives

Opening in 2012, the Subsix Restaurant within the Maldives is only accessible by boat, creating increased privacy whilst dining guests can view all aquatic life within the Indian Ocean.

Constructed five feet below, glass has been utilised throughout to provide a unique experience. The restaurant is open for weddings, providing an exceptional backdrop. 

Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Dubai

Situated within the Dubai Mall, the Aquarium and Underwater Zoo comprises of over 300 different species of aquatic life, including an array of sharks. Visitors can swim with the sharks or undertake a cage snorkelling experience.

In addition, visitors can walk around the three different sections of the zoo, located above the aquarium, providing a unique experience for all who visit.  

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