Technology & AI Articles

Shepherd: AI Supported Insurance for Construction

Shepherd is transforming construction safety with innovative insurance solutions, reshaping industry norms backed by Costanoa Ventures

Taking a Technology-First Approach to Capital Projects

In today’s environment, a technology-first approach to capital projects is essential, says Kat Lord-Levins, Chief Success Officer, Bentley Systems

Technology Boosting Procurement Autonomy in Construction

Procurement Inefficiencies Mean When Companies Run Over Budget, They Do so by an Average of 46%, Equating to £7.6 Million, Says Neeral Shah, YardLink CEO

What does 2024 hold for the construction industry?

Laura Capper, Head of Manufacturing and Construction at NatWest shares her thoughts on future trends and expectations for UK construction in 2024

YardLink 2024 predictions: Financial pressure & digitisation

Neeral Shah, founder and CEO of YardLink, predicts ecosystem disruption in 2024 catalysing further digitisation and developments in the construction sector

East Penn powers an industrial closed loop circular-economy

East Penn Manufacturing’s Sustainability Report details the industry leading battery manufacturer’s 99% products industry recycling rate for lead batteries

USC Sonny Astani CEE an advocate for tech innovation

USC Sonny AstaniCEE has been recognised by Dassault Systèmes as a leading advocate for technologically advanced solutions for the built environment


Changing EDI provider & how to find the right one

How to find the right EDI provider for your business