Top 10 tallest buildings in China

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China is one of the most densely populated areas on earth, with a population of 1,382,634,981 and set to rise. To accommodate the rising number of re...

China is one of the most densely populated areas on earth, with a population of 1,382,634,981 and set to rise. To accommodate the rising number of residents, China has become a hotbed for both old and modern constructions. Over 1,000 skyscrapers and towers dominate the skies, combining historical and inspirational builds alongside elaborate and impressive modern designs.

Whilst Shanghai has become the most developed area within China, Hong Kong has become one of the most influential areas in the world. With 59,307,596 visitors in 2015, this figure will only increase with the rise of various builds and affluent buildings needed accommodate this growing population.

Shenzhen, north of Hong Kong has become established into one of China’s most high-tech cities, with several companies inhabiting the space, such as Konka, Gionee, OnePlus and Tencent. Tall, inspiring architectural designs have been built to accommodate the number of companies which inhabit the space. Nanjing, the largest city within eastern China also has thriving industries in both IT and technology, attracting investors such as Panda Electronics, Siemens and Ericsson.

Falling behind Beijing and Shanghai is Guangzhou. With a population of 13,080,500, the city’s economy has grown at an exceptional rate, beside a highly developed infrastructure and transport links which are combined with a booming manufacturing industry. Tianjin, situated within north China is also strengthening links within Manufacturing and Logistics.

The top 10 tallest buildings, correct as of April 2016 is as follows:

  1. Shanghai Tower (2014), Shanghai, 2,073 ft. tall 
  2. Canton Tower (2010), Guangzhou, 2,000 ft. tall
  3. Shanghai World Financial Centre (2007), Shanghai, 1,614 ft. tall
  4. Oriental Pearl Tower (1994), Shanghai, 1,535 ft. tall
  5. Zifeng Tower (2008), Nanjing, 1,480 ft. tall
  6. Kingkey 100 (2011), Shenzhen, 1,449 ft. tall
  7. Guangzhou International Finance Centre (2010), Guangzhou, 1,440 ft. tall
  8. Jin Mao Tower (1998), Shanghai, 1,381 ft. tall
  9.  Tianjin Radio & Television Tower (1991), Tianjin, 1,362 ft. tall
  10. Central Radio & TV Tower (1992), Beijing, 1,329 ft. tall


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