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Interviewee Carlo Mario Varas Montoya, CEO for Inmobiliari


Active entrepreneurship from above

Engineer Carlo Mario Varas Montoya is the CEO for Inmobiliari; his leadership and over ten years of experience in the trade and strategic management paved the road to the top for him. Varas, first hired in 2012 as manager for real estate development, was in charge of different processes: from paperwork processing, project inception and analysis to project initiation and execution. A year later, Inmobiliari went through restructuring after consolidation from the Ingroup corporation, a move that promoted Varas to CEO. During his tenure, Varas has masterminded US$200 million-plus investments for residential projects, including “Villa Marina”, Peru's largest housing complex.

"We have increased the number of ongoing projects in recent years, diversifying our activities while sustaining our growth in different socio-economic sectors of our setting, where we were able to find growth opportunities through certain brands," said Varas.


Inmobiliari, Recrea and Vibien: synonymous with progress

Inmobiliari has extended its reach into Peruvian cities' growing market through three different brands: Inmobiliari, Recrea and Vibien.

Inmobiliari, as parent company and the corporation's HQ, stands out for continuous development of exclusive projects in the area; Recrea is designated for housing construction in collaboration with the government-run Mivivienda program, created to help low income families buy a home through a purchase process involving the State along with the real estate and financial sectors. The corporation's third brand, Vibien, pursues the development of Techo Propio, a public housing plan.  Vibien recently became part of the Villa Marina program in north Peru, designed for low-income families to subsidize the purchase, construction or improvement of their housing or property.

"We have created these kind of programs with the purpose of growing our presence; building for each different sector. Our market management has already introduced us to the three main categories for land use; Inmobiliari has already diversified into every socio-economic level," sayd Varas.


Making a difference in quality of life

Inmobiliari's differentiation effect generates architectural, design and engineering improvements in each project. Their concept of 'comfort' begins with the first sketches of a facade emulating a certain style, to the balance of gardens and buildings in a condominium or housing project, with the purpose of providing end users with ease, safety and a comfortable place to be at or pass through.

"We do our best at keeping one step beyond requirements while providing projects of notable features; we believe that building inhabitants' interactions will improve with time once their immediate needs are met, as well as their social activities. We are able to accomplish a complete integration with the purpose of contributing to pleasant lifestyles," said Varas.


Projections into 2015

Short-term plans for Inmobiliari include the acquisition of land in Peru's major cities for the development of new sustainable housing projects such as in Piura, Arequipa, Huancayo and Chimbote. Also, three new projects are ready to be sold in the cities of Trujillo, Chiclayo and south of Lima. Other projects due for completion during 2014 include the offices at Lima Central Tower, Capital Golf and a company-owned project whose first stage will be finished before the year's end.

The consolidation of very important projects is scheduled for 2015, such as Recrea Magnolias in Breña, as well as Lux apartments in Lince; both the former and the latter being districts in Lima. These projects solidify the corporation's commitment to its clients, the community and to Peru, providing also financial stability to Ingroup.

"We have many important projects not only for housing purposes, but also for business; there are many opportunities for growth thanks to the lands we purchased last year, so sustained growth for the corporation is guaranteed," Varas said.


Human resource

Part of Inmobiliari's expansion consists of adding and developing new, talented professionals; also a key area in the company's restructuring process. A big number of current employees have been trained in different trades within the sector.

Motivation, grants, scholarships and internal development opportunities within the corporation are some of Inmobiliari's strategies to keep human resources.


Competitive progress

During the last two and a half years, Inmobiliari has created viable, safe and modern alternatives for project completion through global processes and cutting-edge technology, creating an added value to the real estate development market.

The tallest housing development in Peru—a 33-story apartment building in Lince—is an example of this. Their office project demanded the most recent technology and innovative design, such as patented lights, insulated glass and prefab structures. Sustainable features include LEED energy for water, power and air conditioning savings.

"We believe in providing value, not only for a building itself, but also contributing to an environmentally friendly city, country and planet", Varas said.



"I'm fully convinced of our suppliers' important role adding value to our corporation," said Varas, adding that this kind of partnerships play a major role that is visible when projects are completed.

"Our suppliers understand our philosophy when applied to the end product we thrive on completing.  This helps when working hand in hand with them," he said.


The future for real estate developers

Two years ago, the company set goals for 2017. One of these goals was curricular diversification, which has been achieved through the three brands servicing every socio-economic sector.

Keeping up with strategic partnerships with existing suppliers and striking new partnerships is another goal for the company's growth.

The planned expansion will become the result of the development of different projects in the country's major cities. Vibien, for example, is already working in different parts of the country. Inmobiliari is working towards earning Peru's trust, thus solidifying their brands.

     "Work abroad is an ambitious goal for the future; we know this will happen one way or another as we accomplish every single goal within our vision of growth," says Carlo Mario Varas Montoya, CEO for Inmobiliari.


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