Highlighting the potential of the offsite Industry

By Catherine Sturman
With the Guardian reporting this week that ‘from businesses to policymakers, there is growing interest in offsite built housing as a possible solu...

With the Guardian reporting this week that ‘from businesses to policymakers, there is growing interest in offsite built housing as a possible solution to the UK's critical housing shortage' whilst also questioning whether it is time for the offsite industry to go mainstream, it is increasingly arguable that offsite manufactured building technology will take the UK construction sector by storm.

Although some may state that the offsite industry is still in its infancy, and is classified as a cottage industry, others, like Tom Bloxham MBE Chairman of Urban Splash, are paving the way in highlighting the potential of the industry. The high-profile marketing campaign surrounding Urban Splash' modular hoUSe projects has highlighted the benefits of using offsite technology whilst also combatting archaic views of modular homes being restricted to post- war temporary accommodation solutions. The glossy campaign has catapulted the image of the industry and informed the discussion with hard evidence of the benefits.

Offsite manufacture is a progressive step that helps to challenge outdated assumptions about the construction sector and encourage more young professionals into the industry. The sector will generate savings in the long term, initially it will require investment but the overwhelming message has been that companies at every level of the supply chain should invest in offsite manufacture and construction processes sooner rather than later, or risk being left behind.

Explore Offsite at Ecobuild will form a ground-breaking showcase of offsite construction solutions that will deliver a comprehensive display of offsite technologies and full-scale construction of buildings using offsite technology. This special feature will demonstrate the very latest offsite innovations and will be supported by a comprehensive range of free Offsite Technology Masterclasses.

Not only will be Explore Offsite at Ecobuild masterclasses provide you with a key opportunity to discover and expand your knowledge of the ever-evolving sector by taking advantage of the Q&A sessions within each Masterclass, the exhibition itself will be brimming with offsite industry leading organisations who will be able to educate, and inform you, about utilising offsite manufacture and construction within your own projects.

Companies you will be able to meet:

  • B&K Structures
  • British Gypsum
  • British Precast
  • EOS Facades
  • Hadley Group
  • Medite Smartply
  • Portakabin
  • SIG Offsite
  • Unilin
  • Wernick


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