More collaboration needed to drive digital transformation

By Dominic Ellis
Glodon Company publishes compact edition of Digital Building Platform White Paper

The digital transformation of construction is progressing but the industry needs a more unified, integrated, and collaborative approach which uses fast growing sci-tech innovations to build a better sustainable built environment.

That is one of the key findings from Glodon Company, which released research from its Digital Building White Paper which will be published later this year.

"The creation of the new ecological system requires the involvement of projects, enterprises and industries to operate in a more collaborative way that can drive the industrial upgrade offering: new design, new construction technologies and new operational and maintenance methods," it states.

As a compact edition, the released document summarises key concepts and findings of the full version, introducing digital building platform as a new Infrastructure for digital transformation.

Digital building refers to an industrial strategy that uses BIM, cloud computing, big data, IoT, mobile Internet, AI and other information technologies to lead the industrial transformation and upgrade that is complemented by advanced lean construction. Collaboration must integrate the triarchic world of digital, physical and mental, the report states.

On this basis the document introduces digital infrastructure, digital building, and digital building platform in a way to change drastically the thinking and operation of the building sector. The value of the digital infrastructure is to promote the transformation of the building industry where digital building helps industrial strategy, use state of the art digital technologies, to lead industrial transformation and its upgrade.

Digital building platform creates collaboration among stakeholders, connect and integrate projects' data to support decision making and develop data-driven intelligent services to optimise, simulate, prevent, and control projects' process.

Furthermore, these three elements contribute towards the upgrade of the building sector by creating a new range of services in design, construction and operations of our buildings and thus impact the industrial goals of making every project a success.

On a more pragmatic level, the document also answers key questions such as what is the digital transformation of enterprises, why do enterprises need digital transformation, and how do enterprises realise the digital transformation.

Focusing on the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry, Glodon has been publishing the white papers on digital building for four consecutive years.

As a digital building platform service provider, Glodon has various services around the entire building lifecycle such as software, solutions, big data, cloud computing, and intelligent hardware devices. With over 8,000 employees and 80 branches and subsidiaries worldwide, it has served clients from more than 100 countries.

The whole version will be available online at the end of the year.


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