Smartphone apps for construction: The must-have solutions

By Dan Weatherley
We take a look at some of the most innovative solutions on offer on smartphone app stores. Read below to learn more about the must-have smartphone apps...

We take a look at some of the most innovative solutions on offer on smartphone app stores. Read below to learn more about the must-have smartphone apps for construction work, from BIM applications to concrete tracking.


This innovative CAD (computer-aided design) application is considered to be the first application of its kind for technical drawing capabilities. The application has the ability to draw houses, bridges and other detailed structures, just like you can with PC CAD programs. The application states that the possibilities with using the application are “endless”. The application also offers many different saving options which are compatible with both the FingerCAD application and many Windows and Mac solutions.


This application makes ordering concrete easier than ever before. The application is used by many ready-mix concrete contractors and thanks to its reliable services and range of features, it has proved itself as a great tool to use and benefits a large number of employees in the construction industry such as field engineers, concrete superintendents, project managers, estimators and many more!


Described by its users as “easy to use, “built for the site” and “lightning fast”, PlanGrid is a great way to keep track of the latest revision of drawings. The AutoDesk-owned application offers a range of features including the ability to save drawings to the cloud and share them quickly and easily with team members. In addition to all of this, it can also alert you when you’re viewing an outdated drawing.


OSHA Heat Safety Tool

Considered as a must-have health and safety tool, this solution offers the ability to send employers guidance about the health and safety equipment that’s required to protect workers from heat-related illness. It offers information on the amount of water employees should drink, the number of rest breaks and more. These numbers are calculated by receiving the latest temperature and humidity information in the local area.

Fast Concrete Pad Calculator

Doing what it says on the tin, this app has the ability to calculate quantities needed of concrete and rebar for a given project. In addition to this, the calculator is able able to calculate the total costs for waste materials, concrete and rebar costs. Overall, the application is designed to give you all the information you need when ordering concrete - quickly and efficiently.

BIM 360

Designed by AutoDesk, the BIM 360 application has a large range of features for users who require efficient building information modelling. The application enables users to access all project documents, plans and models in addition to executing construction quality, safety and project control workflows - all from their smartphone or tablet. In addition to all of this, the application allows users to mark sheets with pins to identify issues, using lightning-fast zoom and pan for 2D drawings and 3D models and view 3D model attributes with ease.


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