Huawei details plans for gigabit network construction

Richard Jin, President of Huawei Optical Business Product Line, has elaborated on the vision of 'Green Giga' and defined four development directions.

Gigabit broadband has been developing rapidly around the world and the acceleration and popularisation of applications such as 8K, IoT, VR, and AR will sharply increase bandwidth and connection requirements. In line with this trend, Huawei has outlined its vision for a green gigabit network: to reduce the per-bit construction and O&M costs to one-fifth of what they are currently, and without increasing energy consumption. 

Richard Jin, President of Huawei Optical Business Product Line, has proposed four directions for building network capabilities: Giant capacity, Intelligence for all, Guaranteed experience, and Architecture simplified (G-I-G-A). Huawei's green intelligent OptiX network enables global operators to upgrade their networks in the G-I-G-A directions, building green gigabit all-optical networks to provide users with high-quality gigabit experience and supporting network evolution to F5.5G.

  • Ultra-high bandwidth: Innovative technologies such as 400G, OXC, metro OTN, 10G PON, and FTTR must be introduced to gigabit networks, from backbone to home, to build all-optical networks that provide 400G to backbone networks, 100G to metro networks, 10G to access networks, and 1G connections to rooms in the home. This eliminates the bottlenecks of node capacity, network layer capacity, and end-to-end network capacity. It meets service bandwidth requirements, and promotes revenue growth for operators.
  • Deterministic experience: Huawei FTTR OptiXstar F30 extends home optical fibre connection to individual rooms. The innovative C-WAN architecture provides 2000 Mbit/s Wi-Fi coverage throughout the entire house with imperceptible roaming to achieve an incredible home experience. Huawei OptiX Alps-WDM moves OTN from aggregation nodes to CO sites to build an E2E all-optical network with a superlative bearer experience.
  • Simplified architecture: A simplified all-optical architecture provides one-stop access and one-hop connection. One-stop access - Huawei's CO+AirPON solution brings 10G PON capabilities to pole sites, curb sites, and buildings, innovatively integrating multiple sites for simplified management. In this way, all B2H and B2B services can be accessed through one site and one network, thereby reducing OPEX by 60%. One-hop connection - Huawei combines a 3D-mesh backbone network solution with the Alps-WDM solution for metro networks to implement all-optical grooming of services from the cloud to the user side, greatly reducing network construction costs, footprint, and energy consumption.
  • Full-dimensional intelligence: To improve user experience, improve O&M efficiency, and reduce power consumption, Huawei has launched three solutions to enable all-dimensional intelligence. The Premium Broadband solution analyzes experience data to proactively detect faults and complete optimization in a timely manner; the optical cable network digitalization solution senses optical cables and analyzes data in a centralized manner, making the optical cable network visualized and manageable; and an intelligent green O&M solution dynamically adjusts power consumption based on the boards, port usage, and traffic.

Richard Jin said: "Based on the vision of green gigabit and the development directions of G-I-G-A, Huawei will continue to innovate to support operators in building green gigabit all-optical networks that feature future-oriented service development and efficient operations."



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