The future of carbon negative concrete in Saudi Arabia

Red Sea Global signs product supply agreement with Partanna to lay the future for carbon negative concrete in Suadi Arabia

Announced by Red Sea Global (RSG), the developer has signed a pilot project agreement with Partanna to lay its carbon negative concrete pavers at the landscape nursery in Amaala.

Who is Partanna?

Founded in 2015, Partanna is dedicated to building a sustainable future. Harnessing technology that avoids carbon emissions and naturally removes it from the atmosphere, Partanna is a pioneer of the world's first carbon negative concrete.

As part of the agreement, RSG has agreed to a pilot project with Partanna fo the manufacturing, delivery, and installation of initially 11,000 carbon negative pavers. These pavers will be placed at the RSG landscape nursery, the largest in the region set to grow more than 30 million plants by 2030 to landscape The Red Sea and Amaala.

“We believe that sustainability is no longer enough. Weneed to find ways to restore and regenerate the planet. That is why we have committed to increasing the net conservation benefit at our destinations by 30 percent through the enhancement of habitats that ensure biodiversity can flourish, and to being carbon neutral when we become fully operational. Green technologies such as Partanna’s carbon negative concrete could play a crucial role in helping us achieve these ambitious aims and even going one step further to become carbon negative,” said John Pagano, Group Chief Executive Officer at Red Sea Global.

What is included in the agreement?

This latest product supply agreement and pilot scheme follows a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the two at COP27 in Egypt 2022. Under the agreement both parties will scope out future projects.

“Red Sea Global is right, sustainability isn’t enough. We say that carbon avoidance isn’t enough either. The world desperately needs removal solutions and our technology can perform like no other, permanently locking in the carbon it absorbs. With a shared vision to make the world a better place, we have high expectations for what RSG and Partanna can achieve together. Our plan to pioneer ground-breaking technology solutions for the global coral reef development industry could set a new standard for marine stewardship,” added 

Rick Fox, former Los Angeles Lakers basketball star and Hollywood actor, Co-Founder of Partanna Global. 


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