Safe Site Check In Advanced Edition plugs skills gaps

By Dominic Ellis
Safe Site Check In Advanced Edition tackles labour shortages, project profitability and bridges the gap between field and office workers

Safe Site Check In has launched an Advanced Edition which aims to tackle the thorny issues of labour shortages and decreasing project profitability.

It is designed to bridge the gap between field and office workers through a private QR-code check-in app for worker, contractor and visitor management along with a data and analytics platform that provides insight on construction jobsites.

General contractors use Safe Site Check In to always know who is or was on a jobsite, how long they were there, and their role. When an employee or subcontractor arrives at work, they use their smartphone to check in through a dedicated Safe Site Check In QR-code poster.

The general contractor can customise the entry screen to ask questions about skills, show training videos, or delegate assignments. They can also check on the status of a job or send a message to the entire crew without having to go onsite. Workers can upload images from the jobsite to show the progress of a project. The jobsite data, analytics and reports can be used for compliance, payroll, verifying attendance, and analysing project and performance trends.

By having insight on each worker’s and subcontractor’s areas of expertise, general contractors can identify and address skills gaps to build a stronger workforce. They can also deliver more accurate bids and realistic timelines to clients. This results in more profitable long-term client relationships and projects.

“With over 300% growth last year, Safe Site Check In customers are consistently amazed at how easy it is to use our technology. In fact, many cite cost savings of over $2M per year,” said David Ward, CEO, Safe Site Check In. “As we continue to expand our platform to serve the needs of the enterprise as well as small and mid-sized general contractors, we remain committed to ensuring customers maximise their investments in technology to drive more profitable construction projects.”  

Safe Site Check In Advanced Edition includes integrations to other construction applications, including a pre-built Procore connector. Existing Procore customers simply install the Safe Site Check connector from the Procore Marketplace and can integrate check-in data into Procure Daily Logs in less than 30 minutes.

“As a Procore Technology Partner, Safe Site Check In has proven to be a vital addition to the Procore Marketplace. By integrating jobsite check-in data into the Procore Construction Management platform, general contractors have a holistic view of what’s happening on a micro and macro level so they can make the best decisions for employees, clients, and their businesses,” said Doug Gibson, business development manager, Procore.

Kyle Peacock, CEO, Peacock Construction, said it is in its third year using Procore and rely on it to provide its management team with the tools and insight critical to running profitable construction projects.

“We also rely on Safe Site Check In to provide us with much needed insight about what is happening on a job site. We are in the process of integrating Safe Site Check In with our Procore solution to better see how jobsite performance is aligning with our bottom line," he said.

"True construction software integration is a rare occurrence. To have a field based software solution in Safe Site Check In integrated with Procore, our project management software, is huge for our operations.”

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