VINCI & Exodigo Transform Underground Mapping with AI

Global construction firm VINCI Construction and French gas distributor GRDF aim to enhance underground utility mapping with imaging platform Exodigo

Exodigo has officially announced the results of its first project in France, which was conducted in partnership with global construction firm VINCI Construction, to better enhance underground utility mapping. 

As part of Vinci's Leonard Catalyst accelerator program, Exodigo collaborated with VINCI Construction and GRDF teams to scan construction site areas in France with its revolutionary underground mapping technology. 

Through VINCI's innovation platform, Leonard, the companies partnered to demonstrate the accuracy and potential of Exodigo's artificial intelligence (AI) based solution for identifying and mapping underground utilities. Results as of June 2023 confirmed that Exodigo identified 57% more utility lines than shown on existing records.

AI-based construction solutions assist with utility mapping

Exodigo has provided more accurate underground utility maps for France, which aims to reduce utility strike risks for both VINCI Construction and GRDF, the largest gas distributor in France that distributes natural gas to over 11 million customers daily. 

This highlights the accuracy and potential of Exodigo's AI-based solution for identifying and mapping underground utilities. Leveraging multi-sensing technology and AI, Exodigo has identified more utility lines than shown on existing records, as well as lines in previously unmapped areas.  

This type of construction technology not only improves worker safety and enables greater results, but also has potential to assist in the productivity of the industry. In June 2023, InEight released a report that highlighted how AI technology can address global construction industry issues like supply chain delays and a decline in output. 

"We are excited to collaborate with industry leaders like VINCI Construction and GRDF to drive positive change, ensure more efficient capital projects, and reduce the 13,000 lines that are hit each year in France," said Jeremy Suard, Exodigo CEO and Co-Founder.  

At the test site in Aubervilliers, France, Exodigo's multi-sensing technology located 30 lines in the area, whereas existing records had identified only 19. The company’s technology also located 35 lines in an area with no existing records. 

Allowing the construction industry to plan and build confidently

Committed to integrating the most advanced technologies into its platform, Exodigo started tests earlier in 2023 and utilised mobile visualisation on site. As VINCI Construction and GRDF develop future projects, complete knowledge of the underground landscape will provide invaluable insights for reducing both utility strikes and costly redesigns. 

Using multiple sensors, alongside AI, Exodigo creates 3D digital maps within its operations to detect potential obstacles and identify existing assets that lie beneath the surface such as pipes, cables, rocks, minerals and underground water tables. 

This enables customers in transportation, utilities, energy, and construction to plan, design, and build safely, with confidence. According to the company, the technology has been shown to find ~20-50% more lines than traditional surveying methods and does so non-intrusively.

VINCI and GRDF are now exploring possible application of the technology across their organisations as a result of these positive findings.

"Dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that contribute to the sustainable transformation of cities and regions, the VINCI team was thrilled with the results of our initial project with Exodigo,” said Louis Cottin, Catalyst Program Manager, Leonard.

“Precision and accuracy are critical for safe, efficient, and timely project delivery. Exodigo proved its ability to offer exactly that for capital projects teams in France and beyond.”


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