Are there untapped opportunities for construction in the UK?

The last three years have seen exports of construction services rise by 53%
Latest research from Mace shows that construction experts in the UK could unlock a US$515bn boost to the delivery of infrastructure programmes

Mace - a leading global consultancy and construction firm - has highlighted significant opportunities for construction, engineering, and design firms to improve global project delivery, boost exports, and create jobs in the UK. 

Global Britain – the built environment as a growth export

Highlight a number of recommendations for the UK Government and industry, Mace’s latest insights present significant opportunities for those in construction, engineering, and design firms, as well as an authoritative ranking of potential global trading partners. 

Key findings from the report: 

  • The last three years have seen exports of construction services rise by 53%, boosting this could see exports grow to US$15bn creating 142,000 new and high-paying jobs across the UK
  • A ‘delivery partner’ model that is integrated and collaborative will help to keep mega-projects on track and on programme
  • Construction expertise could unlock a US$515bn boost to the delivery of infrastructure programmes around the world
  • New ‘Construction Partner Index’ highlights Singapore, Denmark, India, the UAE and Norway as top targets for future construction services exports

Key recommendations from the report for UK construction:

  • Incentivise exports as a priority with the help of export tax credits
  • Priorities construction services in current and proposed trading agreements
  • Negotiate mutual recognition of engineering, design, and other construction-related qualifications
  • Target Government to Government infrastructure contracts with global partners
  • Boost funding and engagement for UK Export Finance 

“Although it might not always be recognised at home, the UK’s construction expertise is highly valued around the world – from Peru to Singapore, the British are known as straight-forward delivery experts. This report highlights the huge growth on offer if we can capitalise on that reputation and help to deliver more of the world’s global mega-projects,” said Jason Millett, Mace’s CEO for Consult.

He added: “By working together, the Government and industry have the potential to create thousands of highly-paying export jobs – as well as partnering with government and private developers across the world to ensure that vital infrastructure programmes can be delivered on time and on budget.”


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