Hilti and Trackunit to advance digital transformation

Strategic partnership between Hilti and Trackunit will open new digital frontiers for the construction sector

Hilti has announced a strategic partnership with Trackunit, a major SaaS-based IoT solutions provider, to advance digital transformation in the construction industry.

The partnership, focused on bringing global scale to the tool and equipment connectivity domain, will see Trackunit work with Hilti to strengthen its ON!Track solution, and the Trackunit platform will be enriched with additional tool-related data.

“Connectivity is rapidly changing our industry,” said Michael Neidow, EVP at Hilti and Head of the Tool Services Business Unit. “Through this unique partnership, we are excited to leverage our joint expertise to also further connect tools, machinery and service vans around construction sites in the near future - ultimately providing customers with innovative and integrated solutions that improve productivity and profitability.”

The partnership also seeks to expand the network of Trackunit devices, providing increased connectivity around the globe through advanced Bluetooth technology. This will enable the industry to detect tags on smaller tools and equipment, capturing insights from tool and equipment data and offer an integrated customer experience across platforms. 

Hilti will provide market reach to Trackunit, which serves some of the world’s largest OEMs, rentals and contractors, and enlarge its global network, as well as provide access to the retrofit market and mid-market for expanding the Bluetooth network. 

With the data exchange model, Trackunit will also strengthen its offering to cover unpowered equipment and assets for their existing customers. Data insights will also be made available across the two platforms in real time, so that tools registered in Hilti’s ON!Track system can be viewed on the Trackunit platform, and heavy machinery equipped with Trackunit hardware can be viewed in ON!Track.

The partnership will also allow Hilti to expand its ON!Track solution beyond light equipment to cover heavy machinery, while creating an innovative solution for van inventory management for all customer categories in the construction industry. 

“This is a great fit because it elevates the customer experience to the next level by making sure tool and data insights are accessible on both platforms. Moving forward, you can expect further announcements about the partnership in the coming 24 months,” adde Neidow, while pointing out that the partnership also marks a new digitalisation frontier in construction by focusing on tools and equipment.

“The partnership goes way beyond standard ISO feeds and builds deep integration where data insights are now being made available across the two platforms in real time. The integration will deliver a standardised and stronger customer experience out of the box - eliminating the need for custom configuration and expensive IT integrations.” explained Soeren Brogaard, CEO of Trackunit.


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