Trimble Introduces Tekla 2020 BIM Software

By Leigh Manning
Trimble introduced the latest versions of its Tekla software solutions for advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM). Structural engineering and ste...

Trimble introduced the latest versions of its Tekla software solutions for advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM). 

Structural engineering and steel fabrication management, Tekla Structures 2020, Tekla Structural Designer 2020, Tekla Tedds 2020 and Tekla PowerFab 2020. Tekla software is at the heart of the design and construction industry workflows building on the free flow of information, constructible models and improved collaboration. Tekla Structures supports the Constructible Process to transform the entire design, build and operate lifecycle.

Tekla Structures 2020 delivers enhancements, improvements and new features that enable efficient workflows for better productivity. It also brings  increased mobility and collaboration across project teams, including:

  • Easier modelling of complex shapes with geometry improvements

  • Better usability, control and productivity with concrete rebar detailing enhancements

  • Quick and easy formworks modelling and improved hollow-core concrete detailing

  • Enhanced drawing tools that provide speed with confidence

Trimble Introduces Tekla 2020 BIM Software

Tekla Structures 2020 Maintenance now includes Trimble Connect™ collaboration platform, a cloud-based solution. It allows stakeholders to share, review, coordinate and comment on data-rich building models, drawings, schedules and other project information in real-time. Across the project lifecycle, from a laptop, desktop or mobile device.

With Trimble Connect, constructible BIM data is extended to the field, liberating data and breaking down silos to improve coordination and project management across touchpoints. New functionalities and usability improvements now better support workflows and make it easier to get started with Trimble Connect.

Tekla Structural Designer 2020 structural analysis and design software introduces data-driven design. With a new direct link between Structural Designer and algorithmic modelling plugin Grasshopper. Enabling quick and easy exploration of different early-stage design alternatives.

Trimble Introduces Tekla 2020 BIM Software

Tekla Tedds 2020 structural analysis and design calculation software offer further integration with Structures and Structural Designer. This provides convenient design management across both solutions. With enhanced integration, Tekla Tedds calculation can be automatically associated with a variety of Tekla Structures and Tekla Structural Designer objects.

Tekla Structural Design Suite, a new bundled product including Tedds and Structural Designer and accessed using cloud licensing. Providing better value choices to customers and allowing them to take advantage of new product integrations.

Tekla PowerFab 2020 steel fabrication management software delivers improved production tracking, enhanced visualization and streamlined project management on the go. PowerFab now includes more flexibility in parts tracking through stations and routes on the shop floor. It has the ability to track external processes, such as erection, which can be shared and visualized from the field with Trimble Connect.

Trimble Introduces Tekla 2020 BIM Software

To learn more and to download Tekla 2020 versions, visit:

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