White Cap Acquisition Shores up Concrete Supply

By Kitty Wheeler
Created in 1926, White Cap has become the world leader of vacuum closure manufacturing from a production capacity of one million closures in the first year of operation.
White Cap has acquired Dayton Superior in a strategic move to expand its market presence, strengthening its position in the construction industry

In a strategic move to expand its offerings, portfolio, market presence and strengthen its construction industry position, White Cap, a major specialty construction supplies distributor, has acquired Dayton Superior, a key supplier of concrete construction products. 

It is no secret that the global concrete industry faces significant challenges, particularly around operational efficiency. 

For an industry built around industrial practices, adapting to ever changing elements across consumer preference, costs, materials, innovation and sustainability, only enhances the importance of operational efficiency within the market.

And whilst the concrete industry is evolving through innovation to tackle these challenges, it is also mixing together through mergers and acquisitions to combine skill sets across this volatile and challenging time in the construction industry. 

With White Cap specialising in the distribution of professional-grade tools, safety equipment, and building materials for contractors and trades people and Dayton Superior specialising in manufacturing concrete accessories and chemicals, together, they aim to improve assets that will benefit customers and the broader market.  

What are the goals of White Cap through its acquisition of Dayton Superior?

White Cap is focusing on a strategic growth initiative that centres on harnessing operational synergies to deliver superior value propositions to its clientele.

Primary aims of the acquisition include:
  • Market expansion
  • Product portfolio diversification
  • Vertical integration
  • Synergy realisation
  • Innovation acceleration
  • Customer base growth
  • Competitive advantage
  • Geographic expansion
  • Cross-selling opportunities
  • Supply chain optimisation
  • Talent acquisition
  • Financial growth

This acquisition will be elevated to another level through vertical integration and cross selling. Both will be achieved through incorporating Dayton Superior manufacturing capabilities and by offering White Cap products to Dayton Superior customers and vice versa.

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And by leveraging the combined research and development capabilities of both companies, product innovation will be driven, costs saved, and supply chain optimised by combining the two companies' existing infrastructure.

What major construction companies and projects are White Cap and Dayton Superior already supplying to?

Dayton Superior and White Cap are significant suppliers in the construction industry, providing materials and services to major companies such as Bechtel, Skanska and Balfour Beatty.

Across major infrastructure projects from High Speed 2 (HS2): The UK's new high-speed rail network connecting London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Leeds to offshore wind farms in the North Sea, to Hudson Yards: a huge real estate development in New York City, featuring skyscrapers.

The companies play a crucial role in providing construction materials, forming systems, and specialised equipment for these high-profile projects across various sectors, from transport infrastructure to commercial real estate and energy facilities.

What will this acquisition mean for the construction industry?

Whilst Dayton Superior has expanded through acquisitions, including Symons forms in 2014, both companies have invested in digital platforms to enhance customer experience, enhancing their worldwide use of e-commerce platforms and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Mark Carpenter, CEO of Dayton Superior believes that White Cap and Dayton Superior have “complementary company cultures” that are both focused on “building trust with customers through relationship-building and project selling”

A global primary advantage of this merger lies in the augmentation of product offerings, as customers will gain access to an expanded array of premium construction materials, encompassing Dayton Superior concrete accessories and chemical solutions.

This product range will enable contractors to procure these materials from a single source, thereby streamlining procurement processes and ensuring consistent quality standards. 

Moreover, the acquisition is likely to catalyse operational efficiencies across the globe and will unlock new avenues for growth, enabling White Cap to penetrate novel segments and broader geographical regions. 

The consolidated entity is expected to establish new benchmarks within the industry, propelling innovation and elevating the overall calibre of construction supplies available to contractors worldwide.

CEO of White Cap, Alan Sollenberger

Alan Sollenberger, CEO of White Cap, says: "White Cap has relied on Dayton Superior as an established industry leader and close trusted partner for many years now. This transaction is both a continuation and deepening of this strong relationship to benefit our customers and associates." 

Mark Carpenter, CEO of Dayton Superior, adds: "Dayton Superior extends White Cap's offerings, allowing both White Cap and Dayton Superior to better serve all customers and position us for an exciting future of growth.”


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