Which European countries have the most construction startups?

By Tom Wadlow
New research has revealed where in Europe has the most startups across numerous sectors, including construction. Taking a closer look at the startup in...

New research has revealed where in Europe has the most startups across numerous sectors, including construction.

Taking a closer look at the startup industry in Europe, card processing specialists, Paymentsense, has conducted research to find out which countries have seen the most significant rise in startups between 2013 -2017.

The data has been mapped out across Europe allowing users to uncover the industries that each country specialises in and how fast those industries are growing.

Paymentsense analysed 30 European countries and ranked each one of them based on how many new businesses have been registered in that five-year period and which business types have been the most popular in these countries.

Top 10 European countries for construction startups

In terms of construction, France is home to the most, with some 265,452 startup companies operating in the country's construction industry. 

The UK follows closely behind with 227,519, and Poland claims third with 220,235 construction industry startup companies. 

The rest of the top 10 is as follows: 

  • Italy 182,680
  • Turkey 180,790
  • Spain 169,734
  • Germany 120,004
  • Czech Republic 64,576
  • Slovakia 63,778
  • Netherlands 63,580

Among all these countries, the UK has seen the biggest growth in the number of startups across all industries between 2013 and 2017 at 5.09%, followed by Romania and Portugal. What all of them have in common is a business-friendly environment that gives founders the possibility to grow and nurture their company over time.

When looking at what type of start-ups have dominated Europe in the last few years, wholesale and retail have the largest presence with 3.7mn new businesses started up.

Guy Moreve, Chief Marketing Officer at Paymentsense, commented: "It’s fascinating to see how Europe has changed in recent times. A number of countries are now placing more emphasis on technology which has helped create a ‘golden era’ for tech startups.

“In order to thrive a business in your respective country, make sure you analyse the market you’re addressing – what works best and what doesn’t; It’s also worth looking at the legal and environmental conditions in order to make sure your business idea is a success."


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