HoloSite keeps PM Group data center project sharply in focus

By Dominic Ellis
PM Group uses XYZ's HoloSite to avoid costly mistakes during construction of one of Europe’s largest hyperscale data centers in Denmark...

International project delivery company, PM Group, is deploying XYZ Reality's AR product Holosite during the design and construction of one of Europe’s largest hyperscale data centers in Denmark. 

PM Group claims using the world’s first engineering grade AR product is helping it achieve "significant time and labour savings". 

Retrospectively identifying out of tolerance construction can lead to project delays and escalating costs, and this is particularly evident in phases involving complex mechanical and electrical engineering works. 

HoloSite custom-integrates engineering grade AR into a safety-compliant, hard hat and visor. The technology enables users to view full, BIM models on site and for the first time, construction teams are able to proactively prevent and identify early-stage construction inaccuracies.

Diarmuid O’Sullivan, Construction Director, PM Group, said it has been using HoloSite since the beginning of the Danish project, and it is unlocking significant productivity advancements on-site. 

"It has allowed us to move away from a reactive approach to tackling errors, to a more proactive way of working, solving problems before they actualise as a cost," he said. "It is great to work with innovators like XYZ Reality who really understand our needs. This technology is ground breaking and adds significantly to the AR and other digital technology we are using on our projects across the world."

Coral Butler, BIM Manager, PM Group, said HoloSite is facilitating a high level of build accuracy which is removing the need for constant laser surveying and helping it track and trend issues and make adjustments to keep the project on schedule.

“Health and safety is always our key focus. HoloSite is enabling us to live stream the site, either on walk downs or for factory witness tests, reducing the number of people needed on site – which is particularly beneficial in light of the Covid crisis,” Butler added.

David Mitchell, CEO and founder of XYZ Reality, said AR challenges many long-standing construction practices and shifts the industry to a more forward-thinking, proactive approach to building. 

“Having worked as a Digital Construction Manager on some of Europe’s largest construction projects, I have witnessed first-hand how damaging it could be to take a reactive approach to tackling construction errors, but the technology wasn’t available to do it differently - I knew there had to be a better way.

“My goal was to develop technology that supports a proactive way of working, and this is what we’ve been able to achieve with HoloSite - a product that enables construction teams to build it right first time.”

PM Group plans to deploy additional HoloSite units on site in Denmark as the build advances into more complex M&E construction phases. The company is also looking to use the technology on other construction projects in 2021.

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